• Tegiwa complete exhaust system (header & cat-back) - Honda Civic Type R EP3 2001-06


Complete Tegiwa uprated exhaust system (manifold/headers + cat-back)

Fitment: Honda Civic Type R EP3 2001-06

TEGIWA Race Exhaust Manifold. Changing the manifold is one of the best modifications you can do to the Civic Type R EP3 and Integra DC5. Just with this alone, gains of between 5-10bhp are achievable before mapping. With supporting mods and mapping, gains of between 7-15bhp and a lot more torque are easily achieved. Constructed from premium 304 grade stainless steel the header features the popular 4-2-1 design, CNC mill-cut flanges, and robotic rotation purge TIG welding. Being a 4-2-1 configuration means it gives both excellent mid range and peak gains. It has been proven as being one of the best 'off the shelf' headers available. There are many dyno's with EP3's and DC5's reaching 250+ bhp with this header and supporting mods. The header will fit perfectly with all OEM and aftermarket exhaust systems. Installing this header removes your cat. Including new gaskets.


TEGIWA Cat Back Exhaust System. This perfectly crafted cat back exhaust is made from the highest grade 304 stainless steel. The pipework features 70mm pipework from the manifold back. This is the same size as the collector on all headers so there is no 'step' to disturb airflow. The tailpipe increases to 87.5mm. The exhaust is ideal for those wanting to use their EP3 on track. The noise levels of this exhaust are within the limits for all UK tracks. If you daily drive your EP3 then this is the exhaust for you! The exhaust gives performance gains of around 5-6bhp over standard un-mapped, while reducing the vehicles kerb weight by around 1kg. Search 'TEGIWA' on YouTube to see in-car video's of this exhaust.

PLEASE NOTE: This manifold is 'JDM' fitment so you will also need to puchase a JDM front anti roll bar. Part/SKU number: 51300-S5T-J02.

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Tegiwa complete exhaust system (header & cat-back) - Honda Civic Type R EP3 2001-06

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